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Is there enough CO2 in your Tank?Updated a year ago

The simplest way to see if there is enough CO2 in your tank is to weigh it. Weigh the tank using the procedure shown on pages 13-14 of the user manual, and see the table below.

The following is a table with the correct weight of an empty and full CO2 Tank:

Tank TypeEmptyFull
Paintball 12oz540g913g
Paintball 20oz854g1420g
Paintball 24oz956g1700g
Soda Maker 3oz268g362g
Soda Maker 14oz807g1258g
90 gram419g508g

*Please believe this data. When your CO2 tank is completely depleted, it will still have some CO2 vapor inside, but this will not be enough to fill your CoolFire Trainer for satisfactory training. Simply switch to a new CO2 tank and keep training! 


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